Current Owner: David Standard


Ordered 3 weeks after my serious road accident on 1 April 1991.

It has only been through going back to the books that I’ve discovered that my one remaining Superbe frame was ordered by my Dad on 26th April 1991, 25 days after I’d had a horrific crash in a bike race.

That means he would have started building it whilst I was still in Bedford General recovering with a broken jaw, arms and leg.

Current situation: awaiting rebuild in the garage.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 15.43.15

One thought on “9102

  1. Great to find a site dedicated to SId Standard’s Superbe frames. I bought one in 2003 second hand when I returned to cycling but it was unfortunately stolen. purely serendipitously I saw a very distinct and memorable frame and its distinctive geometry fly past my office window and I tracked it down to a nearby office and proceeded to recover it. The decals and paintwork had been sanded off which while it rode fine ended up at the back of my garage for the past five years. Would be great to find out more of its history. It looks like frame number 9098 although numbers aren’t very clear.

    Would be great to see some other frames being posted up too

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